Marketing and Branding Success Story


Members of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) provide specialized care to people who suffer from allergies and asthma—addressing the root causes of their symptoms to provide lasting relief and often a cure.


About 50 million Americans have allergies and almost 25 million have asthma. Unfortunately, few understand the value of seeing an allergist for relief or even know what an allergist does. In a pre-campaign survey, just 39% of the public knew that allergists treat allergies and only 7% knew they treat asthma. So how do you get more allergy and asthma sufferers to seek care from the medical doctor best trained to treat these conditions? Answer: Find out what's stopping them and develop a plan to address it.

Faced with consumer avoidance of specialty care, self-medication with ineffective drugs and increased competition from less-qualified practitioners, ACAAI called upon EAI to help launch an extensive public education campaign. The ACAAI needed a clear brand and a strong position to raise awareness and understanding of allergic diseases and showcase the benefits of treatment by a qualified allergist-immunologist.


The nationwide campaign was built upon research among both ACAAI members and people suffering with allergies and asthma. Questions helped identify perceptions about allergies within the general population and specific subgroups; determine who seeks an allergist and under what circumstances; and identify the trigger points—such as an asthma attack or a small sniffle—that motivate patients to seek care and from whom. The research addressed how patients gather information and the specific resources they seek and trust. Based on the results, EAI worked with ACAAI to create a multimedia communications campaign that includes a distinctive ACAAI logo; defined messages and images that resonated with the target audiences; print and web advertising and a public microsite. The campaign also focused on search engine optimization, keyword marketing, media relations and member mobilization.


Two years into the campaign, the award winning "Find an Allergist, Find Relief campaign" achieved the society's objectives to:

  • Raise awareness of allergies and asthma, and the benefits of seeing an allergist for diagnosis and treatment
    • Proactive media relations resulted in 5,300 print and online articles and broadcasts, reaching an estimated audience of 2.7 billion. More than 91% of media placements carried campaign messages, including 84% specifically mentioning the allergist specialty.
  • Motivate allergy and asthma sufferers to take action
    • 642,676 unique visitors to, including 94,850 people accessing the Allergist Locator.
  • Differentiate allergists from other clinicians
    • 1,727 ACAAI members, 54 percent of membership, joined the Relief Team, spreading campaign messages in local markets.


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