Why Association Management?

There are more than 25,000 national and 65,000 local, state or regional associations in the United States. While some associations hire staff to run their organization, many hire an association management company (AMC) such as Executive Administration, Inc. (EAI). EAI provides a centralized office that serves as your association's headquarters. Overhead costs are allocated to various clients, increasing your association's resources and capabilities without major capital investment. With shared resources, specialists are assigned on an as-needed basis for maximum efficiency.

Benefits of Professional Management

Today's associations continue to appreciate and embrace the many advantages of an accredited association management company. Learn some of the many benefits EAI can provide.

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Has your membership plateaued or is declining? Have your revenues leveled off or decreased during the past three years? Learn whether your organization is a good candidate for professional management.

How to Get Started

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In today's highly competitive economic environment, maintaining full-time staff and office facilities or operating with volunteers, who lack time, experience and expertise in key areas, is increasingly challenging.  Associations might make major investments in overhead, incur inefficiencies and compromise their mission as long-term goals get lost in day-to-day details.

Hiring EAI, a professional accredited AMC, to manage your association is an alternative that offers significant advantages. Your leadership can focus on industry issues and strategy, and EAI will develop and implement programs to meet your objectives.

Based on our experience with other associations, EAI can serve in an advisory capacity to your Board of Directors on a full range of issues.

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