Strategic Planning for Associations

  • Expert planning services to ensure continuity under changing leadership
  • Effective execution of strategic plans
  • Superior strategic results

"EAI's commitment in implementing the initial phase of our strategic plan has been nothing short of impressive. Your staff has been incredibly responsive to SSO's needs and our future is brighter because of all your efforts. You are the best and the fuel in our engine."

Mitchell C. Posner, MD, Past-President
The Society of Surgical Oncology

EAI knows how important and beneficial a well-defined strategy is for your organization and understands you have unique requirements for meeting the goals of your members. EAI provides access to strategic planning tools and facilitation to obtain superior strategic results.

A significant threat to any association's continuity is the revolving nature of volunteer leadership and the changing agendas of newly elected leaders. A viable strategic plan is the most effective way to ensure the continuity and integrity of association goals and activities.

We understand the planning hierarchy and will guide your organization through development of strategic, business and marketing plans with coordination between strategies, tactics and budget.

Strategic plans are living documents that your organization should refer to on an ongoing basis. In so doing, your long-term success is increased exponentially. Successful staff implementation ensures higher levels of growth and member satisfaction.

Strategic Planning Success Story

Learn how EAI provided superior strategic results and "retooled" an organization to meet the needs of the 21st Century surgical oncologist.


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