Association Membership Recruitment and Retention Services

  • Outstanding record of expanding client membership
  • Retention rates that consistently outperform association industry average
  • Positive membership growth rates for all clients
  • Consistent high-quality personalized member service

"Thanks to the diligent efforts of EAI, our organization has grown from 1,700 members to more than 6,000."

Myron Zitt, MD, Past-President
American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

EAI clients have between 500 and 6,000 individual members and all have realized significant membership growth under our administration.

EAI client organizations outperform the association industry in membership growth:

  • In many medical associations, the population of members is actually declining. However, our clients have experienced a sustained 4% average membership growth rate over the past ten years.
  • Member satisfaction is a high priority at EAI. This strategy has produced an average retention rate of 93% for EAI clients, significantly higher than the 86% average national median retention rate.

One of the most important measures of your association's vitality is its membership growth – the compound result of recruitment and retention. Building client membership is a core benefit of EAI management. 

EAI has extensive experience in developing and executing successful membership recruitment and retention campaigns. We'll work closely with your organization to evaluate the effectiveness of established programs and explore new opportunities.

Our recruitment and retention capabilities include a needs assessment to determine the programs and services of greatest importance to your members, opinion surveys to help measure perceptions about the association and its competitors and focus group research to determine the interests and motivations of potential and current members.

In addition, friendly and efficient member service is vitally important to recruitment and retention and EAI staff goes the extra mile to make sure all current and prospective members are treated with the utmost respect and highest degree of professionalism.

Membership Success Story

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